Wow Butter & White Chocolate Cookies

These cookies resemble a classic peanut butter cookie with added bits of creamy white chocolate. They’re sure to pair well with your morning tea/coffee, and bring smiles to your kids packed lunches. A small batch of one dozen, can easily be doubled if you like. I prefer to make large cookies so it’s up toContinue reading “Wow Butter & White Chocolate Cookies”

GF Lemon and White Chocolate Cookies

Leftover lemons from the gluten-free pound cake plus cheap white chocolate equals some outstandingly delicious cookies. My SO says these are in his top, if not at the top, of his favourites. These are chewy, yet light with the burst of lemon, mixed with the creamy bits of white chocolate. I’ve use an all purposeContinue reading “GF Lemon and White Chocolate Cookies”

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another rainy day, and another sleepless night. We had a thunderstorm and an extremely fussy baby last night. How I have made it this far in the day, I honestly don’t know! But I know I needed some kind of boost, and I’m not one for coffee. Cookies are the answer for today! We usedContinue reading “Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies”