Maple Chai Oatcakes (GF)

As Canadians we’re known to love maple syrup, and as Nova Scotians, we’re also known to love oatcakes. Why not do a lovely combo of the two. Add in some of that cozy chai spice (cinnamon/fennel seed/green cardamom) and you’ve got yourself the best anytime of the day snack, great for dunking in your cupContinue reading “Maple Chai Oatcakes (GF)”

Cinnamon Twists With Maple Glaze

Can I just say that time is going by unbelievably fast lately? It’s July and I’m thinking it’s still mid June. Between keeping up with the kiddos, keeping our chickens content and squeezing in some adult time (which is usually nachos and a movie), things have definitely felt like a blur! After we went strawberryContinue reading “Cinnamon Twists With Maple Glaze”