Moms Need Chocolate Too

Moms out there, ever have an endless week of chaos and sleep deprivation that results in a total burnout and breakdown? Me too. That was last week. I’m finding it harder to get proper rest with baby number two and breastfeeding is definitely more tiring since I can’t nap when baby falls asleep on meContinue reading “Moms Need Chocolate Too”

Mini Egg Cupcakes for Mini Hands

I’ve been seeing Spring/Easter themed baking going on lately, and I thought I’d hop on down the baking trail. (Sorry for the super lame pun!) I wanted to do something that would be fun for kiddos and also delicious for anyone. So, with some help from the littlest baker, we came up with Confetti cupcakesContinue reading “Mini Egg Cupcakes for Mini Hands”