Apple-Berry Crumble

Hey everyone! The days are growing shorter, but definitely not cooler! Heat wave after heat wave, I am definitely less in the kitchen and more in the lake & pool. Over the course of the season, I have picked strawberries, blueberries, and now apples and blackberries. Living in the country has so many benefits. TheContinue reading “Apple-Berry Crumble”

Oat Milk Pancakes

Happy weekend! Saturday morning was terribly windy, cold and wet. We weren’t really motivated to do much. I decided, after looking at some Instagram stories, to make pancakes for breakfast. I recently bought the wrong kind of oat milk, I got vanilla (oops!) so I figured might as well try it out in them. AndContinue reading “Oat Milk Pancakes”

You’ll Go Bananas Over This One…

Tuesdays I have more time to myself since our oldest daughter visits our friends house. This past Tuesday she was out of the house by 9, and my SO left at 11 to go run errands so besides the baby, I had the house to myself! (Woohoo!) When my sister-in-law popped by for a visit,Continue reading “You’ll Go Bananas Over This One…”